Pregnancy Yoga

Cultivate your instinct and power for birth, with yoga, and mindfulness for a conscious, active birth.

I teach my signature 6-week prenatal yoga program, ‘Yoga for Empowered Birth’ about 3 times a year, in person. The next course will be held in late August 2020.

This program weaves practical and helpful childbirth education with yoga, breath work and meditation so that you feel prepared for birth – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


This pre-natal yoga course offers a nurtured space for you to connect with your baby, your body and your breath, AND prepare for birth all at once. 

The course runs for 6 weeks on Wednesday’s from 5:30pm – 7:00pm (90 minute sessions). Classes held at the Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre, Warner’s Bay, in their yoga loft.

What we cover : 

  1. meditation to support you to connect with your body, baby and breathing
  2. yoga poses (asanas) to support you at whatever stage of pregnancy you are at, and poses for active birth
  3. pelvic floor awareness
  4. yogic pranayama (breathing) and chanting or sounding for birth and prenatally to relieve stress
  5. yoga nidra – a deep relaxation technique; and,
  6. childbirth education. 

This will be an ideal space to connect with like-minded pregnant women in an intimate atmosphere, and beautiful space. The environment will also foster community building within the group so that your village is already forming. 

This yoga course is based on the philosophy of yoga for active birth initiated by Janet Balaskas. Not only does an active birth philosophy focus on positions for supporting active birth but also on cultivating belief and trust in your body and the natural and involuntary nature of birth. The yoga-based positions and philosophy will encourage you to tune into your instincts for birthing.   

“Keeping active during labour and adopting natural, upright or crouching birth positions is the safest, most enjoyable, most economical and sensible way for the majority of women to give birth.” Janet Balaskas


“I took Clancy’s pre-natal yoga course from 34 weeks right up until 39 weeks, and I know it played a huge role in preparing and supporting me to have an all natural, drug and intervention free VBAC (vaginal birth after previous caesarean) of my beautiful, big 4.2kg boy, right on time! Not only did I feel physically prepared and confident with the right strength and flexibility to birth my baby, but I felt more emotionally and spiritually connected. Being my second pregnancy, Clancy’s sessions were a beautiful opportunity to take time out from the busy world of toddlers, work and a million other things, just for myself and to connect with my unborn baby. Thank you so much Clancy!!”


Thank you Clancy, it was such a wonderful experience. I can’t thank you enough as this has been a highlight of my pregnancy so far! Your education has helped me connect with my baby and my birth (where I have complete choice and power!).”


Still Want to know more?

Week 1 – Introduction to Active Birth and anchoring your energy and awareness in your body.

Week 2 – Embracing functional/productive pain. Reframing pain as power.

Week 3 – How do you want your birth to feel? Creating the vision and energy of your desired birth.

Week 4 – Surrendering to the energy of birth and letting go.

Week 5 – Trusting the mystery of birth, your body and your baby.

Week 6 – Receiving support and postpartum planning. 

The weekly pregnancy yoga classes you held were a wonderful and relaxing time that I enjoyed coming to every week. It was lovely spending an hour for myself, connecting with my baby and being in the same space as a group of beautiful women all on the same journey. The space you created was nurturing and supportive and I left feeling calm and refreshed every week. I am grateful for all the info I gained from the pregnancy oils session as well as the yoga classes.”


Clancy’s yoga for empowered birth did exactly that! Empowered me to do the work that I needed to do in order to birth without fear. I had Clancy’s voice in my head the whole time I was in labour, cheering me on. It was the best part of my week being able to take some time for me and I find myself wishing I was pregnant again just so I could do it for a third time (it was so good I did it twice!!).


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Doula, Kinesiology and Yoga for Empowered Birth, Darwin

Clancy Allen is a Childbirth Mentor with Birthing From Within, Certified Doula & Yoga teacher specialising in pre-natal yoga. 

Clancy provides birthing services around the Hunter Valley, Newcastle & the Central Coast areas of NSW.

Clancy is passionate about birth as a rite of passage where women experience and know their power.

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Download the Empowered and Confident Birth Meditation now

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