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Birth is an initiation to yourself

A moment in time where the veil is thin. You find yourself in the depths of your psyche – digging deep, drawing on all your inner resources to cross a threshold and usher new life into the world.

A deeply transformative rite of passage. Your baby is born, and you are born as a mother. The end, and the beginning, all at once.

The truth is, you’ve been preparing for this moment forever. The tapestry of your entire lifetime of experiences is the grist of your birth preparation and, it’s mostly unconscious. Yet modern childbirth education tends to focus solely on conscious/mental preparation.

There’s an information overload.

Externally there is tonnes of information for you to digest and learn about the medical system you may be navigating. It can be overwhelming. A multitude of confusing decisions to make about care providers, hospitals, scans, injections, tests, and that’s just a few of the things you’re confronted with. BUT, birth isn’t about assimilating a textbook of obstetric information.

This is YOUR journey. You get to choose.

The continuum of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, is a time of deep self-discovery and personal evolution. 

 I support you to remember and embody your innate wisdom and power during the rites of passage of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We will focus on tuning into your instincts, finding your voice, diving into your inner world, and balance that with the modern knowing you’ll need to be savvy in the current birthing culture.

I will walk beside you.

Ultimately, you cross the threshold alone, but I will be there holding space for you during the intensity of birth, and the early days of motherhood.

I will remind you of your power.

I will remind you of your vision.

I will remind you that you know exactly what you need to do next.


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Empowered Birth - Doula, Kinesiology, Yoga - Darwin

  • Letting go, and allowing the energy of birth to move through you, and welcoming your new baby in total safety, awe and love.
  • Making choices that honour your inner wisdom, instinct and knowing.
  • Powerfully asserting your needs in every moment, because you’re deeply connected to what’s best for you and your baby.
  • Having ownership and autonomy over your birth experience. So at the end you can declare triumphantly, “I did it”.
  • Feeling the most powerful you’ve ever felt and this being your foundation for motherhood.







Empowered Birth - Doula, Kinesiology, Yoga - Darwin

About Clancy

As a former Lawyer, now Doula, Yoga teacher, Kinesiologist, and mother, I lovingly support you as you prepare for birth, on your terms. The preparation we do is deep and meaningful.

Expect to explore your subconscious, face uncomfortable questions, and excavate who you are and how you’re showing up in this experience. I don’t do superficial, surface level preparation, and I’m not a ‘hand holding’ doula. Of course, I do typical things like hip squeezes, tie your hair back, get you food and water and tend to the environment being ambient.

The real foundation for you having the birth you imagine is in the work you do, and we do, together, before birth.

I provide support for birthing women at home, in hospitals (public and private) and at birth centres. I live on 40 acres of beautiful land in Brunkerville NSW, Australia, which is halfway between Newcastle city and the Central Coast. I service the Newcastle/Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas.

I have supported home births, hospital births and birth centre births.

I will support you to connect to the sacredness of the birthing process, as you bring the soul of your baby down to earth. I’m committed to supporting you to navigate the system to make informed decisions that respect your rights and honour your instinct.

Truly empowered, woman-centered birth and postpartum is your right, and, it’s the antidote for healing humanity and mother earth.



Empowered Birth - Doula, Kinesiology, Yoga - Darwin

There are a variety of ways you can work with me to prepare for birth and your postnatal period.

I offer birth mentoring and birth support packages with differing levels of support for birth and postnatally, or for postnatal care only.

I also offer prenatal birth ready sessions if you want to prepare for birth with my support, but don’t feel you need a doula at your birth.

You can also attend a 6 week Yoga for Empowered Birth course with me.

Or, if you’ve had your baby already, have only just found me, and would like to receive some devoted mothering and care, my Mothering the Mother – Energy Closing Ceremony can help you integrate your birth experience. This ceremony is deeply honouring and can be taken at any time after birth, it might be 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years after your birth experience.



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Kind Words

“One hot tip I give to new mums to be? A doula! WOW. Clancy Allen – a soul so gentle it passes through the birthing Mum to the gentle birth and now gentle baby I kid you not! Clancy was a godsend. From kinesiology to essential oils. From bringing coffee to making my breaky! Acupressure points to yoga! I can not recommend Clancy enough. Thank you Clancy, you are now forever in our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. Furthermore, has a way with the new dads to be… very important”.


“Clancy was my doula but I probably should say our family’s doula. It wasn’t just me, it was also my hubby and my 2 year old daughter. She was there for all of us with her calm presence every time.

Firstly I want to say, without Clancy I wouldn’t have my amazing beautiful and empowering home birth. She was the one who introduced me with homebirth midwives. I will be forever thankful for that to you, Clancy!

Yoga, meditation, mother ceremonies, essential oils- all these beautiful things we did with Clancy’s expertise, she has a natural talent and spirituality.

When it was time for important decision-making, she always provided me with the best articles and resources to read. It was very reassuring knowing her good intuition and experience. Having Clancy as a doula was like having a safety net during pregnancy and labour. She is the type of person who spreads good energy and calm vibes, she’s also a savvy woman who knows what it takes to birth your baby naturally and the way you want it.

She is a person to trust easily and she will be ready to go above and beyond to support you because Clancy is born to be a doula.”


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Doula, Kinesiology and Yoga for Empowered Birth, Darwin

Clancy Allen is a Childbirth Mentor with Birthing From Within, Certified Doula & Yoga teacher specialising in pre-natal yoga. 

Clancy provides birthing services around the Hunter Valley, Newcastle & the Central Coast areas of NSW.

Clancy is passionate about birth as a rite of passage where women experience and know their power.

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Download the Empowered and Confident Birth Meditation now

Wonderful! Please check your inbox and follow the steps to download your Meditation.

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