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Birth is a profound opening and initiation to yourself as a woman, and mother.


While only you can be the one to “cross the hot coals”, it’s important for you to have the right support so you’re able to confidently surpass the threshold and embody your birthing bliss.

You’re unique, so we will identify the specific elements you need to activate your birthing potential.

I will walk beside you to bring clarity, excitement, lightness, reassurance, comfort and support as you traverse the path to your birth.

I hold space for you to remember and tune into your body’s ancient and innate birthing wisdom.

I offer the full spectrum of spiritual to practical support, balancing my passion for birth, kinesiology, and prenatal yoga, with my legal background to address the logical considerations of planning for birth in a medical system.

Using kinesiology and energy medicine, we unravel any subconscious limiting beliefs or fears, generational family patterns, negative conditioning/programming or any other emotional or energetic obstacles between you and the birth you desire.

My training in prenatal yoga gives you techniques and tools, for active birth, and breathing.

We will also get clear on your birth intentions and birth planning.


Book your complimentary 30 minute Empowered Birth Initiation chat now.

“One hot tip I give to new mums to be? A doula! WOW. Clancy is a soul so gentle she passes through the birthing Mum, to the gentle birth, and now gentle baby – I kid you not! Clancy was a godsend. From kinesiology to essential oils. From bringing coffee to making my breaky. Acupressure points to yoga. I can not recommend Clancy enough. Thank you Clancy, you are now forever in our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. Furthermore, has a way with the new dads to be… very important.” Emily

love empowered birth darwin 



30 minute complimentary meeting or phone call.

This is an obligation free opportunity for you to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Antenatal Preparation Package (5 hours) : $555

Includes: 1 x 2 hour initial consultation and 2 x 90 minute consultations.

This package can be tailored for your needs. I’m able to provide you with a unique blend of support and skills as a yoga teacher, kinesiologist and doula.



2 hour initial consultation (in person or online) : $150

1 hour follow-up consultation (in person or online) : $100

If you would like to see me for one off sessions, antenatally or postnatally, for any of the services I offer, get in touch and we can work out what you require.


Price on Application

Complete package of pregnancy, birth and initial postnatal care and support, tailored for your individual circumstances.


  • 3 x 90-120 minute prenatal home visits.
  • 1 shorter catch up close to your due date or an accompanied antenatal care appointment.
  • Phone and text support, and 24 hour on call for 2 weeks pre and post your estimated due date.
  • In person support throughout your labour and the first hours postnatally.
  • 2 x 90-120 minute postnatal visit with optional energy ceremony to reground and anchor yourself, and close your energy field.
  • 3 weeks postpartum phone/text support.
  • Access to my library and resources.
  • Support with the emotional journey of pregnancy & birth or resolving previous birth trauma. I am a kinesiologist and can use energy techniques to help you resolve emotional issues that may arise during your journey.
  • Teaching you tools and techniques that will support you feeling equipped & prepared. I am trained in prenatal yoga, yin and hatha yoga. I can provide private lessons and a prenatal practice program with active birth techniques and tools for birth.
  • I offer a 40% discount for my doula clients in my 6 week Yoga for Empowered Birth program.
  • Aromatherapy during birth with high quality doTERRA essential oils.
  • Homeopathy provision if desired during birth and postnatally as required.


I have trained with Bliss Baby Yoga (pre-natal) which draws heavily on the philosophy of active birth as taught by Janet Balaskas.
I have also trained in Hatha Yoga (Level 1 – 200 hours at Byron Bay Yoga Centre) and Yin Yoga (100 hours with Mysan Sidbo).

I teach my signature 6 week prenatal yoga program, ‘Yoga for Empowered Birth’.
Find upcoming events at my Facebook page, or contact me.

I am also available for private lessons. Contact me for more information.

“I took Clancy’s pre-natal yoga course from 34 weeks right up until 39 weeks, and I know it played a huge role in preparing and supporting me to have an all natural, drug and intervention free VBAC (vaginal birth after previous caesarean) of my beautiful, big 4.2kg boy, right on time! Not only did I feel physically prepared and confident with the right strength and flexibility to birth my baby, but I felt more emotionally and spiritually connected. Being my second pregnancy, Clancy’s sessions were a beautiful opportunity to take time out from the busy world of toddlers, work and a million other things, just for myself and to connect with my unborn baby. Thank you so much Clancy!” Heather

“The weekly pregnancy yoga classes you held were a wonderful and relaxing time that I enjoyed coming to every week. It was lovely spending an hour for myself, connecting with my baby and being in the same space as a group of beautiful women all on the same journey. The space you created was nurturing and supportive and I left feeling calm and refreshed every week. I am grateful for all the info I gained from the pregnancy oils session as well as the yoga classes.” Kylie

“The yoga classes definitely prepared me both mentally and physically for birth”. Nikki


Kinesiology is a holistic modality that assumes the body will always seek balance. Muscle monitoring is used to access your body’s innate awareness or wisdom for self-healing. This process allows your body to reveal the stresses it’s holding.

Kinesiology is particularly useful for emotional and energetic or spiritual imbalances.

As your kinesiologist, I am not giving or providing healing to you. Together, we are collaborating to facilitate your body’s own desire to be balanced and whole.

A kinesiologist works like an impartial detective to provide illumination of your issues and imbalances. A range of techniques will be used to restore balance.

The techniques applied to support your body to restore its balance are generally based on Chinese Medicine and Eastern Indian traditions such as the meridians, chakras, nadis and other vibrational modalities of healing such as Bushflower Essences, sound, essential oils, crystals and reiki to balance the body to restore equilibrium. These techniques are gentle yet powerful.

Overall, the purpose of kinesiology is to support you to activate your own self-healing and balancing capacities.

75-90 minutes Initial Consultation (in person or online)


60 minute follow-up consultation (in person or online)



Essential Oils // Collaborative Business

I also mentor women who want to work with me and build their own doTERRA business. This is a collaborative business model that honours work and family balance. Are you tired of the old way of work? You know there’s a new way to create abundance for yourself and your family.This business model flips the old paradigm of sacrifice and working hard to line someone else’s pocket on it’s head, opens the floodgates for epic personal development and turns up the volume for collaborative connections and a web of sistership. This business is ideal for those who –
  • Desire to work alongside kindred spirits, who get you and share your values and beliefs.
  • Live a conscious and healthy lifestyle and want to share this way of living with others.
  • Need flexibility with work hours and demands.
  • Want balance between work and family.
  • See the potential for building residual income and are prepared to commit to a collaborative business model and the personal development it requires.
If you want to align to a business model that is empowering, beautifully supportive and flexible, I’d love to share more with you about it.

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Empowered Birth - Doula, Kinesiology, Yoga - Darwin

Doula, Kinesiology and Yoga for Empowered Birth, Darwin

Clancy Allen is a Certified Doula, Kinesiologist & Yoga teacher specialising in pre-natal yoga. 

Clancy provides birthing services around Newcastle & the Central Coast, NSW.

Clancy is passionate about birth being experienced as a rite of passage where women experience and know their power.

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Download the Empowered and Confident Birth Meditation now.

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BIRTH Your Way

Download the Empowered and Confident Birth Meditation now

Wonderful! Please check your inbox and follow the steps to download your Meditation.

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