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my journey…

Aromatherapy is an incredible tool. Essential oils (aka pure plant extracts) can be used to support everything from emotions and mood, to digestion, immunity, hormones, low-tox living and simpler, gentler, more natural living.

These little bottles are a portable way to access mama earth and her gifts wherever you are, even if that’s living in a concrete jungle or traveling on an airplane.

My days are infused with many more moments of self-care, ritual and gentle presence when I use these oils because I’m pausing to breathe and inhale the aroma, pausing to decide what oils I need today to support me in the diffuser, I’m slowing down to pop oils on my body in a conscious and loving way. I’m taking the time to tune into what I need and then offering myself the gift of using a pure plant extract to support my needs.

I feel incredibly grateful to have found, and have access to doTERRA essential oils to support my health and wellbeing. These oils have a profound energetic potency and subtle healing capacity.

Essential oils can literally help me to transmute a bad mood, transcend a feeling of stuckness, enliven my spirits and shift my energy.

At the same time I began to use the oils, I also started studying kinesiology. The introduction of oils at the same time was somewhat synchronous. I realised the incredible energy and healing vibration of the oils.

The more I used the oils, I noticed how uplifted, at ease, supported, calm and balanced I felt.




doTERRA oils are Certified Therapeutic Grade standard. These are the purest oils on the market.

doTERRA have a global sourcing approach — they support communities and local artisan farmers across the globe to cultivate plants in their native indigenous conditions. The essential oils are harvested from plants that are thriving and of high medicinal potency because they are grown in their native environment where the conditions are optimal.

I love doTERRA because this multi-billion dollar company has the heart and soul of a small business, with a lived philosophy of being stewards of mama earth and her fruits. This is a socially conscious, sustainable global company that respects artisan farmers’ methods and supports and honours their efforts socially, economically and spiritually. doTERRA’s Executives are not just invested in company profit, they are heavily invested in the wellbeing of the people and communities that the essential oils are sourced from. Co-impact sourcing is just one of doTERRA’s initiatives which upholds the company’s committment to the people of the land caring for the plants.

If you want to see this philanthropic and humanistic business model in action, check out this video about co-impact sourcing of Vetiver, and maybe have a tissue handy 😉



Essential oils support the body in the most natural way to gently find homeostasis and optimal health.

These pure plant extracts work with the body’s intelligence in a natural, safe and non-intrusive way (no negative side effects!) to promote health and vitality.

It’s the emotional benefits we can get from these plant extracts that really interests me. I had a really profound experience when I began using the oils. This was related to my moods and emotions, so of course I wanted to know more about why I had had such a phenomenally positive result. Quite simply, essential oils affect the brain in a positive way. Essential oils engage the limbic area of the brain which is responsible for processing emotion and memories. The amygdala is a gland within the limbic system which plays a major role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma and one way to stimulate this gland is with fragrance or smell (enter – aromatherapy!).

Essential oils are also able to cross the blood-brain barrier. In contrast, the majority of new drugs discovered and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies cannot do this. Because essential oils directly interact with brain chemistry, they have therapeutic effects on emotions and mood.

Some of the oils directly interact with dopamine and serotonin receptors – the (very important) protective, feel good chemicals that influence our mood.

Essential oils are a gentle solution for supporting the body to heal and release emotions.

If you want to read more, I recommend the invaluable reference book, ‘Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, or ‘Emotions and Essential Oils’.

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