The passages of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, have been my wake up call to step into my power. To find my voice, express my needs, and fiercely protect myself, my space and my baby.

I’m Clancy, and I’m all about helping you remember and embody your innate birthing power and rights. So you can birth on your terms.

I’m a passionate Doula with prior professional experience as a civil litigation lawyer and training in kinesiology and yoga. I will help you express your power, and voice within the system, dissolve overwhelm, create a sacred container for birth, and find harmony between your intellect and intuition to enrich your pregnancy, birthing and mothering experience. 

You’re travelling this path of initiation with your baby. Your baby’s birth is their first earthly experience and imprint of life, and it can be powerful, positive and peaceful for both of you, creating the deep roots of trust and connection that will anchor your relationship forever. 

My priority is to support you to experience your birthing sovereignty, and for birth to be a joyous and potent initiation to mothering.

If you see pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as pivotal rites of passage and, you value-conscious and informed preparation for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey, then I’d love to chat with you about how we could work together to create the experience you crave.

Empowered Birth Darwin - Doula, Kinesiology, Pre-Natal Yoga & doTerra Essential Oils

“From the bottom of my heart Clancy – I simply could not have done that without you. All your love and support. You were my rock. Your presence and your energy got me through it and I will be forever grateful. The toughest, most exhilarating and healing experience. So honoured to have you be a part of it”. Sheree

Let’s back-track a little to how I got to be immersed in the birth world:

It was 2015, and during my pregnancy, I became fascinated with learning about birth – especially natural birth, and how I could avoid all the medical interventions. I was desperately seeking a natural empowered, home water birth!

Throughout the entire pregnancy, I had this inkling — I want to work within birth. I was really gravitating towards this birth stuff in a BIG way. But, I felt it could just be a phase that would pass after my baby was born. I decided to wait till I had my baby in my arms and then consider whether ‘the call’ to birth work was still there. Months after I gave birth, the desire, urge and passion for birth was still tapping me on the shoulder, and stronger than ever. I couldn’t continue to ignore it. I completed my doula training in April 2017. I got my first client a week later and attended her birth in July 2017. I also embarked on prenatal yoga teacher training. The universe had given me huge nods of approval and pushes towards this when I was asked to teach prenatal yoga when my babe was 6 months old.

In addition to that, birth work is in my blood and bones, truly. My great great grandmother was a midwife who travelled around the Duckenfield areas of NSW on her horse and cart to attend births. Mary-Jane Shields, or MJ, as I like to refer to her, was a rebel. I imagine her as a great feminist and advocate for women. I’m claiming that epigenetically it was inevitable that I’d be drawn to this work given my ancestry! I also come from a family of nurses (mum and dad and several aunts and uncles) so this whole service thing is innate.

Nothing lights me up and holds my interest in all the multi-faceted ways that birth does. 


On paper, the formal stuff about me:

  • 2005 – Bachelor of Arts, University of Newcastle
  • 2006 – Bachelor of Law, University of Newcastle
  • 2007 – Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, College of Law, Sydney
  • 2014 – Reiki Level 1
  • 2014  – Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Mysan Sidbo – 100 hours)
  • 2015 – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Byron Yoga Centre – 200 hours)
  • 2016 – Kinesiology Certificate IV, Create Your Reality College, Brisbane
  • 2017 – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Bliss Baby Yoga – 30 hours)
  • 2017 – Certified Doula – Celebration of Birth
  • 2018 – Astrology Course with Eloise Meskanen
  • 2019 – Birthing From Within Mentor – Childbirth Educator (in completion)
  • 2019 – Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Steamy Chick

Other short courses and trainings:

  • Nov 2017 – The unconscious dynamics of birth with Rhea Dempsey
  • July 2018 – Undisturbed birth with Dr Sarah Buckley
  • February 2019 – Crossing the Threshold Retreat with Birthing from Within
  • April 2019 – Heart of Mentoring, Birthing From Within (4 week program)
  • ‘The Infant Microbiome’, with the Microbiome School
  • ‘Breastfeeding and the Baby’s Experience’ with Birth Psychology
  • July 2019 – Birthing From Within Mentor Certification (expected to complete, April 2020)
  • I am currently engaged in study with Birthing From Within to be a certified mentor/childbirth educator. I believe deeply in this framework being a multidimensional holistic approach for women.
  • November 2019 – ‘When Survivors Give Birth’ workshop.
  • November 2019 – ‘Optimal Maternal Positioning’ workshop.

Through my unique knowledge, studies and life experiences I know that preparing for the passages of birth and motherhood is a multidimensional experience. It can’t be done from the mind alone. Birth happens in our bodies. A truly instinctive, involuntary process, and journey of letting go. Unlearning our programming and conditioning is a huge part of preparing, as well as embodiment.

I am grateful every day for my little boy initiating me on this path of working with women when they’re preparing for such a transformative moment in their life. They’re getting ready to cross a HUGE threshold. As women, we meet new parts of ourselves in birth and in our parenting journeys.

I’m so ready to meet you, hear your story, and be the person that believes wholeheartedly in you, on your journey.

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Doula, Kinesiology and Yoga for Empowered Birth, Darwin

Clancy Allen is a Childbirth Mentor with Birthing From Within, Certified Doula & Yoga teacher specialising in pre-natal yoga. 

Clancy provides birthing services around the Hunter Valley, Newcastle & the Central Coast areas of NSW.

Clancy is passionate about birth as a rite of passage where women experience and know their power.

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Download the Empowered and Confident Birth Meditation now

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